Where are ye now, Lord Byron, where is hope?
Thy pen is needed, Alexander Pope!
Come Maggie Cavendish to readdress
Society & all this strange excess,
The youth yet craves Sid Vicious to affront
The BBC & call the Queen a c**t –
It’s terrible, so terrible, these days,
As candles drain to wicklight in the maze
Of mind & all its inserenity,
Integrating darkness with vanity,
The satirists to aether dissipate,
So out it turns I’ll step up to the plate
& educate the land of moral right
Exposing all these dirtbags – as I write
Karma waves the flags of British empire,
Drags slaves of nations into Bill Gates’ mire
Condemn’d by Heaven as a friend of Sin
His poison swampbeast bubbling underskin
Ready to reset Humans back to apes
Unless the spirit of the World escapes
The media’s coercing, where it seems
Good branded evil as true evil schemes,
Britannia, tho’, disgusted at the turn
Of her beloved island, leaves the fern
& thistle beds to climb the barren glen,
& calls for honour thro’ the rolls of men –
For her, for truth, for law, for justice feel my pen!


While the world yieldeth to wolves & vandals
Up in their seminars – socks & sandals –
Auld Gaelic Senachies, young trainee Bards
Among the Ogham letters mark the yards
That part two foes opposing, & in flux,
Eco-Albanic heroes versus crooks,
Who’ll try & launch an Ossianic age
Gone madly messianic in their rage,
Willing a metamorphosis on all
To scotch the sketch of destinies befall
Shove fat fattori into government
Who’ll do mezzadri bidding backwards bent
Dangling the dogs oer abyssal despair
The Earl of Chatham hiss’d his wont down there
A cry that echoed flowing oer the rocks
“Remember Boston’s folkstand at the docks
Who held an armageddon to men’s dreams
I tried to toss the stamp act in the streams!”
Now hear Unready Ethelred’s ain voice
“Like Georgian London I too had a choice
But chose my course upon St Brice’s Day
Filling St Fideswide’s church with Danes to slay
& burnt them all, young weanlings thro t’old men
My throne soon conquer’d by forkbearded Swen,
So to my song of reason, understand
No man can grasp a human soul by hand
When it, thro’ Common Laws, united with its land.


When leaders turn insane let us annoy,
Gadfly style, every Komodoumenoi
With words of honest logic, turns of phrase
To stamp on slugs & vermin, jail the Krays,
For masks have slipp’d upon a Kristallnacht
The very truth in nature is attack’d,
Dust down the ramparts, unweb the cannon
Rise up, rouse thy heart for Ras Makonnen
Shoshone sheepeaters turn from the hills
Don’t march on London, Luddites, burn the mills !
We are no Dynamitards Fenian
Nor Blatherskites across the Carrion
No, we are children of our blessed earth
Bound by umbilical lingams at birth
Let freedom ring thro’ lands of liberty
Flood over Smokies deep in Tennessee,
British Apennines, Gwynedd’s hoary heaps,
Te Mata, where chief Waimarama sleeps,
Oer New York Catskills, Arkansas’ Ozarks,
Wave, Bards, the Manifesto of Karl Marx
Down absinthe, Earl Grey, roll a thousand joints,
& sing its finest universal points
In verses well befitting this fair creed
Sing, English Poets, in Our Time of Need,
Attend to all the dark arts needing light
Upend snake-charming market carts with might
& with thy subtle roars we’ll set the laws aright!


01: Rhapsody For Ourkind


By Whittinghame Water, from lint-soft bank,
Watching rain, could there have been just nothing?
Far better not to think a thing so deep,
Save focus for the stardust what we are,
Alighting stallions to brighter times –
Inside deadly marshes are we wander’d,
This existential crisis of an age,
These flailings of a fake democracy,
Sustaining manipulative systems
& corporate institutions hell-bent
On step-by-step destroying Human Rights
But hope remains – each fresh generation
Of conscientious, ecological
Citizens, holding singular aegis
Of putting Planet First, above all things,
Descry how votes for establish’d parties
Are signatures on the World’s death-warrant;
Let us reject the regret of hindsight,
The stakes have never been as high as this,
World! If we lose this one we lose it all!
& if enough of us believe in Change
Then Change must come, no roof shall stay these dreams,
When the next, new, novel evolution
Has never been been more vital for Ourkind.

02: Of Bards & Druids


Pendragon sword, Lord Ollamh of the North,
Returns in testing times, the Arts demand
Embroidering six colours into words
While contemplating Hoo’s expanding wings,
Variegated unto royalty;
Whenever signs & omens overwear
Across the mossy-dappl’d turf we rise,
Heaving our hearts up raggy heathermoors
Sat before the very vaults of Heaven
Above the kerbside hopes of Human youth
Upended as if brawlers roll’d a cart
Upon itself, & scatter’d dreams like fruit
Whose are the hands which bend the axle’s truth
Whose are the boots which crush the fruits to pulp?
These answers are brave truths to understand,
Tho’ some ken scatter’d portions well enough,
To place each piece together from the pile,
& make the puzzle whole is how I’ll go
& how I’ll sing my song, no tender lay
Of love this is, but heed my Druid Call;
The mistletoe is paling on the oak,
But if our caring hearts fold in one bind,
There’s nothing on this Earth we cannot do,
To save our home from ruin’s rough demand!

03: Visualizing Truth


As Gallileo’s ears were sent twitching,
By Flemish invention, but understood
‘Twas founded on science of perspective,
Making a magnificent instrument
With magnification of one times ten,
When, from the top of the Campanile,
Spying lamps hung on ships two hours away,
He turn’d his magic eyeglass to the moon
Saw comet-splatter’d surface uneven,
Deep chasms & vast protuberances,
So swung his piece to pierce the trailing stars,
O what a beautiful sight to behold!
The first on Earth to feel persuasive truth;
Galaxy myriads, Jupiter’s moons,
Portraiting proof Coepernicus correct,
The Third Reality replaced by truth
But churchmen, fearing for their merchandise,
Defamed the pair blasphemers, fled the face
Of God, belying understanding;
Let us self-int’rested agendas
Identify, when with a global sweep,
We’ll turn our apparatus on the skies
Penetrate universal deceptions
Find moons of cool integrity & truth.



What has been may be again: another Homer, & another Virgil, may possibly arise from those very causes which produced the first
John Dryden


It’s the return of the Damo
That’s my name, yo!
See I’m back & acting the same
Y’all miss’d me
I’ve been wand’rin’ the streets
Hittin’ on beats hunting treats
That’ll funk up mi disco
It’s a party so lets go
All the cats who’ve been bangin’ to techno
Let go, there’s a fresh way to dance
Making old-fashion’d moves in yer groovy new pants

Oo-ah, let’s dance like nineteen seventy-five
Oo-ah, girls don yer make-up & shape up
Oo-ah, let’s dance like nineteen seventy-nine
Oo-ah, its time to shake up & wake up

To the T to the I to the N-K-Y
To the D to the I to the S-C-O
To the T to the I to the N-K-Y
To the, to the, to the – HIT IT DAMO

Cos Im back & I’m whack
& I’m always bouncing back the attack
Cos its all about feeling
Not the daily lives the bankers are stealin’

Psyche up for the twenty-first century
Men & women are the same
It started with a terror plane
That went off with a bang
But now I’ve got my freedom in
I cannot help but reasoning
Disco sang of better days
We’re gonna spin that shit again

Its the return of the hindsight
It’s a gunfight
Whether you be a man, woman or transvestite
We’re one Human Race, sharing one space
On the face of a phantom beauty
But that’s in jeopardy
Socialise, realise for the remedy
Energy, there’s a new way to act
Deconstruct the Transvaal, the cabal counteract

Oo-ah, let’s dance like nineteen seventy-five
Oo-ah, girls don yer make-up & shape up
Oo-ah, let’s dance like nineteen seventy-nine
Oo-ah, its time to shake up & wake up

To the T to the I to the N-K-Y
To the D to the I to the S-C-O
To the T to the I to the N-K-Y
To the, to the, to the – HIT IT DAMO

Psyche up for the twenty-first century
Men & women are the same
It started with a terror plane
That went off with a bang
But now I’ve got my freedom in
I cannot help but reasoning
Disco sang of better days
We’re gonna live those days again

Don’t forget those kick-ass basslines…

I’m the Dee Double Bee, that’s me,
I aint your normal form of MC
I’m a true groovebuster Voodoo Chile
Tryin’ to make the isle of Jamaica smile

& the way she plays in the glade
Sippin’ white wines & lemonade
Electric spritzer fits her poise
Rip it up Al, lets make some noise

We’re Scotland’s top hip-hop outfit
Lyrical bandit doing my bit
Musical genius jamming geetah
Here’s the New Truth wherever you are

04: From Lofty Vantage


If we gaze on the Earth from high Heaven,
None would ever see pensweeps, dipp’d in blood,
Delineate imperial carve-ups,
Only nautral patchworks of terrain,
But Humans conjure borders in our minds,
The Us & Them mentality still thrives,
Implemented by richer nation states
Creating ghetto countries to exploit,
Exacerbate demeritocracy!
Flagellants, seeking opportunities,
Seen via TeeVee’s kapital trappings,
Try mortgaging age-old family farms,
Raising unfair funds to sit in freezers
Attach’d to trucks’ containers at Calais,
Sending family group-texts before ice
Seizes lungs, hardening heartpulse bloodflow;
While elsewhere in this global apartheid,
Others overload in Libyan dinghies,
Rapidly sinking to the bawl of tears,
It is the poor who maturate the rich,
Enabling children in the Western malls
To choose the choicest chain-chomps in t-shirts,
While gaggles of gargoyles, downtown Mumbai,
Drool cold hunger into well-lit windows.

05: Mass Media Manipulation


Possession of the truth no longer stands
In the people’s hands, but with liars’ lies
Big business distorts perceptions of truth
To undermine democracy, disgrace
Which dreams up ever more terrible schemes
To influence our thoughts & behaviours
Propaganda’s daily inculcations
Evil infiltrating populations
With falsehoods, creating utter chaos
Assaulting every aspect of our lives
Normalizing the worsening of lives!
Planting hate-triggers into angry guts
Whose dull, fat maggots, burrow into hearts,
Restrict individual faculties
Dividing unbreakable families
Moulds spiritless, enervated beings
Even the so-call’d intelligentsia
Lousy with indoctrinated lurgy
Tows government lines, never objecting
Policies accepts unquestioningly
Forgetting or just choosing to ignore
That unless reality rooted
Beliefs & opinions never truths,
For truth is eternal, immutable!


06: The Current Crisis


Blasted by banal consumerism
An ignorant & uncultured public
Enters its darkest hour, we are embroil’d
In destructions unprecedented, see
Ecosystems collapsing, seas poison’d,
Biodiversity annhialate;
Wildfires, superstorms, famine, drought & dust
Fresh water disappearing overnight
The Amazon is burning every night!
Humanity addicted to vaccines
That renders their humanity void!
Too overwork’d to even think a thought
Outwith narrated mainstream agendas –
They wish to make us animals, to strip
Our human rights, thro’ crises justified
By lies, to rearrange reality,
Such are those unfathomable evils
That sail the flooding oceans of fake news
When social media’s viral instance
Makes first impressions in the vital flash,
Poisoning national conversations
Assulting truth like mad, castrated bulls,
But like the matadors against the beast
When tyrants charge the world, stand firm & strong!




The power which has increased therefore is the power of the rich. The name and office of king is merely the mask of this power, and is a kind of stalking-horse used to conceal these ‘catchers of men’, whilst they lay their nets.
PB Shelley


Drowning islands, blood red diamonds
Sniper silence, it’s all the same
Sighing Parthenon, dying Amazon
She cryin’ now she gone, we’re all to blame

Love the planet (save her)
Love the planet
She the only one we got

Children’s hunger pang, dead orangatang
We’ll go off with a bang, still in our youth
God got no halo, she lyin’ down below
Mother Gaia know the simple truth

Love the planet (save her)
Love the planet
She the only one we got x 3

Many people fear we must dissapear
(Melt away) Like a candle
Look upon the earth calculate its worth
(Everyday) it’s a scandal

Love the planet (save her)
Love the planet
She the only one we got
We gotta save her
She the only one we got
Who is the bravest
She the only one we got
To be our saviours
She the only one we got…

07: Terra Mater


The next time you pass blossoming peach trees,
Pause, & wonder on the significance
Of beauty, let her thy deity be,
Terra Mater of the di selecti,
Her hair the elementum that is Earth,
Her ringlets cornucopias of fruit,
Canteloupe gorgeousness, this gemmy sphere
Invites the eyes to stray yonder corners
Of all we know, or rather told to know,
Like… electric cars are too expensive
& other such guff – let us count the ways
To save ourselves; first step, animation,
Next, appreciation of Mother Earth,
To cultivate her leads a pious life,
Sole survivors of the lines of Saturn,
We walk through forests to sing her praises
She kisses us when we start recycling!
Commencing our days with cereal rites
Beyond the enervation let us stand,
As if fire alarms all across the World
Went off in cacophonies together!
Rewilding ravaged nature we can forge,
Without her we are sterile, infertile,
Existless in a listless dirge of dust.